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Hey, Hairfriends‼️ Do you take care of your scalp underneath your Wig Units? Do you find yourself complacent and just throw your wig on instead of actually treating your scalp? Well, Shana Marie have came up with a very effective Hair Serum to help with daily scalp needs.

Packed inside each bottle are nutrients your hair need in order to get rid of those bald areas, stimulate the scalp, and thicken your hair growth. Our Hair Serum is 💯 Vegan and is great for dry spots on the body as well. We have tested our Hair Serum on multiple skin issues such as dry skin, eczema, and simply moisturizing the face or body areas for daily activities. We offer two different Hair Serums: Rosemary & Lavender Tea Tree‼️ Feel free to purchase for a family member that struggles with hair loss or dry skin ♥️



2 oz Bottles